Why To Sell Your Unused Gold With Adyama Gold Than Taking A Gold Loan

Most households in India have gold articles lying idle in their lockers. But the good news is that they can be put to good use when you need them the most. When in urgent need of money, you can use your gold articles to fund your immediate financial requirements. Not by selling your gold, but by pledging it to a lending institution. There are various banks and NBFCs across India that offer gold loans to their customers at attractive interest rates. But before applying for a gold loan, you should be aware of its procedure, merits, and demerits, which are further discussed in the post.

What is the procedure to apply for a gold loan?

The procedure for a gold loan varies from one lender to another. The idea of a gold loan is simple; you pledge your gold articles and get the loan amount in lieu. To do so, you visit a lending institution with the gold you want to pledge and the required documents. The lender performs gold purity checks and determines its weight based on which it evaluates its market value. Gold loans can be sanctioned for up to 80 percent of the calculated value of the pledged gold. Once the value of the pledged gold is evaluated, the documents are verified. And once everything seems good and promising to your lender, they approve your loan.

Nowadays, the gold loan can also be applied online through the bank’s or NBFC’s mobile application or official website. But applying for a gold loan online does not mean that you will not have to visit your lender. To avail of the facility of the online gold loan, you will have to visit your lender at least once to deposit your gold articles. Once this is done, you can register yourself at the lender’s customer portal or mobile application and link your bank account with it. So in the future whenever you require money urgently, you can apply for a gold loan and get the available credit disbursed in your bank account anytime anywhere in just a few minutes.

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What are the advantages of the gold loan?

Faster processing

Gold loans are secured loans and thus include lenient eligibility criteria and minimal documentation. It does not even require a credit score for loan approvals. And therefore, lenders generally disburse the loan in just a few hours. People who are eligible for an online gold loan can even get the loan amount in just a few minutes.

Lower interest rate

As compared to unsecured loans such as personal loans, gold loans, which is a secured loan, charge a lower rate of interest. Also, if you attach another asset as collateral, the gold loan interest rate can be lowered further.

No processing fees

Many banks and NBFCs levy zero processing fees on gold loans. Even if a lender charges processing fees, it is usually 1%.

No foreclosure charges

Some lenders don’t levy any pre-payment charges while some banks do charge a pre-payment penalty of 1%.

Income proof is not needed

Lenders generally do not inquire for income proof in gold loans as the loan is secured against gold. Therefore, anyone can apply for a gold loan whether earning or not.

The credit score is not required

Unlike most loans, gold loan approval does not depend on your credit score. In the case of other loans, the loan amount is given based on the repayment capacity and credit history of the borrower but in the gold loan, the loan amount is decided on the market value of gold.

What are the disadvantages of the gold loan?

Loan-to-Value Ratio

Ina gold loan, you get a certain percentage of the market value of the pledged gold as the loan amount. The loan amount is decided based on the LTV (Loan to Value) ratio. This ratio varies from lender to lender and goes up to a maximum of 80% of the value of the pledged gold. This means that if the market value of your gold is Rs. 5 lakhs, you can get a maximum of Rs. 4 lakhs.

Due to loan default, you can lose your gold

In case of a gold loan default, lenders have the legal right to freeze your assets and auction them to get the outstanding gold loan amount.

Why should you sell your gold to us than take a gold loan?

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