Why Should You Sell Your Unused Gold With Us On Adyama Gold Jewellers?

Gold is one of the most precious commodities that people stockpile around the world. But why do they do that? It is something that makes sense in the modern world, or is it something that is set deep in the psyche of the common people where we are doing because of some old traditions and teachings of the ancient days?

In this blog, we will dive deep into the concept of gathering gold as an asset and we will try to find out if it is a wise thing to do in the modern days!

We have all heard from our parents that gold is the best form of investment one can do with their money. And so, they have stockpiled a lot of gold for generations and have taught us that it is the correct way to save up for the generation to come. Now is this the right thing to do in the modern world? In this blog we will discuss the pros and cons of hoarding gold in the modern world and what are the other ways you can invest in gold other than hoarding it.

In our cultural heritage, gold has always been considered “Streedhan” or the wealth of a woman. The matriarchs of the household used to stockpile gold to hand it down to the daughters of the household to provide them with a part of the property while the boys got the land and other assets. But things have changed a lot since the days of the past. The government has made sure that both of them get the same. So it makes no sense to stockpile gold at our houses. Also, it is said that gold is one of the most universal forms of currency we can ever imagine. And in the olden days of conquest and looting, what can be a better way of starting your life in a new place than using gold.

But that isn’t true in the modern days. When we stockpile gold at our house, we are locking up our money in the locker with no hope of returns in the future or ever getting any money out of it except for the time sell. And when we buy gold as jewelry, we instantly lose value due to the mixing of other metals that are not paid back. Also, when we buy gold, we are overcharged with making costs and other ways.

Gold yields no income. No dividend or interest. It is not even like other assets that will be productive. Money invested in gold is money hoarded. The only claim to fame for gold is its merit as a store of value. Imagine a dire situation when you have to leave your home and run away as a refugee to another land. What would you take with you? Nothing except gold will have international currency and help you remake your life anywhere in the world. Gold is a store of value.

So, what should you do with the gold that your ancestors have stockpiled? Well, though there is no good answer to the question, the only way that you can free up your money from getting wasted while lying in your locker is to sell your unused gold to us at Adyama Gold Jewelry and free up your money to use it as capital in the other ways, or rather in more short term high return places.

And when you sell your gold at Adyama Gold Jewelry, you will find the best rates on return of gold, and too within minutes, due to the proprietary nature of our top-of-the-line XRF machine, we can determine the value of your precious metals at the blink of an eye, within minutes, freeing up your money, stuck in this mess into investments that will give you a lot more freedom with your wealth.

So, the next time you are thinking of selling your unused gold, Think Adyama Gold Jewelry! Coz after all, we are the best store in the city, who you can trust with your eyes closed.