Things to acknowledge before purchasing gold jewellery

Jewellery plays a great role in adding charm and beauty to one’s personality. Wearing gold jewellery has turned into a symbol of one’s well off status and position in society. Gold jewellery is not only valuable metal parts but also a type of investment that can give you great outcomes in tough times. To purchase gold jewellery one must have the required knowledge about it.

Shopping gold jewellery is one such task that needs an equal amount of attention so that you don’t end up buying fake jewellery. In the Indian market, thousands of jewellery sellers are giving exquisite gold jewellery at great prices but ensuring whether it is fake or real is totally depends upon your knowledge about gold.


  1. LOOK FOR THE TRADEMARK: Every jewellery is it gold, silver or diamond needs to be hallmarked by the Hallmarking Act of 1973. This trademark is the proof whether the metal used in making the jewellery is pure or not. As a common man, nobody is expert enough to tell that a jewellery is pure or not, official hallmarking is your assurance of the standard and virtue of the gem that you’re purchasing.
  2. CHECK THE BRANDING: Branded things always have their own trademark, especially if they’re a popular brand. Check for this to guarantee that your jewellery originates from the creator it claims. Many fake jewellery sellers have caught on, and manage to make jewellery with false trademarks. While these may look real from a distance, you can still find little difference at a second look. Take a gander at text styles, formats and spellings to guarantee the trademark on your jewellery are
  3. CERAMIC SCRATCH TEST: Take any kind of clay plate you have and just drag the gold jewellery delicately over its surface to check whether a gold jewellery is fake or not. If you see any dark scratch marks on the bit of ceramics you used, at that point you can be sure that the jewellery isn’t made with real gold. If you see golden lines then it is a sign that the gold is pure and real. Try not to depend on this test alone, however; make sure to apply different techniques until you don’t get assured whether the jewellery you are buying is genuine or not.
  4. THE MAGNET TEST: Real gold isn’t magnetic. Try to do this test while you go to the store to purchase the gold. If the jewellery gets attracted to the magnet then it is surely the sign that the jewellery should not be bought as it is fake. You must have a magnet in your house, however, if you don’t have one then it suggested to visit the nearby hardware store and get yourself a powerful magnet. Pure gold never gets attracted to the magnet and if it does then it is not gold.
  5. CHECK WHETHER IT IS 22 OR 24 CARAT: In many parts of the world, the terms carat and karat are used for addressing the purity of gold. Both carat and karat are gotten from the word for the carob seed, which was utilized as the value of weight in Oriental markets. The heaviness of gold in jewellery is estimated in grams. Most nations require each thing of gold jewellery is unmistakably stamped with its carat which is normally controlled through hallmarking. Gold costs vary depending upon the market request (during political vulnerability or cash change, many put resources into gold or platinum for budgetary steadiness)
  6. PACKAGING: Gold Jewelleries come in carefully designed Packaging. Jewellers suggest that one ought not to tear or open the packaging of the gold if one expects to exchange it, as the packing guarantees the originality and purity of the gold.

In case you’re as yet not sure about the validness of the gold, don’t be hesitant to ask a specialist. They have instruments and knowledge to give you a strong answer regarding a gold item. Despite the fact that you’re presently equipped with the majority of this information about gold, you will most likely never require it!

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